Moody Yacht

Moody 62DSe

Moody 62DS


The Moody 62DSe was introduced at the Southampton International Boat Show in England on the 11th of September.

These are photos from that Show.

Hnase 62DSe Salon

Moody 62DSe Salon

Moody 62DSe Master

Moody 62DSe Master Cabin

The Master Cabin in the Moody 62DSe is luxurious, Roomy and furnished in classic styling. This will be a place to relax at the end of the day and go over all the adventures indulged in.

Moody 62DSe Salon

Moody 62DSe Starboard Steering Station

Moody 45DSe

Moody 45DS

The Name Moody has been known for many years for quality built, very capable yachts. Now that Moody is part of the Hanse Yachts name that not only will not change but will be improved upon.

State of the art materials and state of the art design from the board of Bill Dixon means a strong, beautiful and very capable yacht


Moody 45DS Underway
Moody 45DS Cockpit & Salon

The Moody 45DS is without a doubt a very comfortable fishingyacht. The Deck Salon puts the entertainment area up in the light with comfortable seating, a very functional Nav Station, an elegant Galley and plenty of windows.

The profile of the 45DS belies the fact that there is a true Deck Salon (See Main Photo)

Elegance and performance, two words that define the New Moody 45DS


Moody 45DS Cockpit Aft View

Moody 45 Classic

Moody 45Classic

Moody 45DS Stern View

The New Moody 45 Classic continues the Moody tradition of classicically designed vessels, built using the most modern construction materials and methods.

The list of standard equipment is long and complete.

The warm woods, luxurious fabrics, and best that can be found fixtures of the interior, make the Moody 45 Classic stand out from it's contemporaries.
Moody 45 Classic Salon
Moody 45 Classic Cockpit
The Moody 45 Calssic's cockpit separates the control area from the rest of the cockpit. All lines for control are led aft to the control area for ease of sail handling.

There is plenty of room and all the amenities to make the Master Cabin a welcome haven after a great day of sailing.


Moody 45 Classic Forward Cabin

Moody 41 Classic

Moody 41 Classic

Cockpit Moody 41 Classic

Twin Wheels, Classic styling, lots of room make the "New" 41 Classic an instant hit. The self tacking jib and composit lead/iron keel make it perform.

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Comfort and elegant styling is the order of the day, or evening. The gloss finished woods and cane inserts hearken back to an earlier day.


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Moody 41 Forward Cabin



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